An Update From Todd

Wednesday, September 25th, 2019

Hi Folks, Todd here. Thanks so much to all of you for getting our campaign off to such an incredible start! Kim and I are both sincerely grateful for your support. We can’t wait to share this new music with you! 

Over the past few weeks we’ve been working diligently at getting our final mixes together. Our very talented engineer, Justin Golden has put in long hours in order to meet our early October production deadline, which is coming up quickly! Late Sunday evening we all agreed on the final versions for each song that we would submit for mastering. Those mixes have now been sent to our mastering engineer, Mike Quinn (Waterfall, Hill West) so that he can work his magic for us, and create our sequenced master for manufacturing. Once we have our mastered mixes in hand we’ll be able to share some of these new songs with all of you. Stay tuned for that! 

In the coming weeks Kim and I will be sharing more specific background on some of the songs we each wrote for our new record, but for now let me just say, I love writing for this project. It’s been a true joy to create music for such an inspiring outlet. Often when I’m working on a song and it strikes me as a potential Water and Sand track, I try to imagine Kim’s voice singing the song with me in order to get a picture of what it could ultimately become. That process helps me shape things as I move forward with the writing. Of course, when I do finally bring the finished song to Kim, her contribution always surpasses what I imagined.  The ultimate joy however is when we finally get to perform our songs together in a live setting. 

Stay tuned for more updates each week, and new music soon! 
Thank you again for your generous support! Our campaign ends on October 13th; we’re close to our goal but still have a ways to go.
Please spread the word if you can! 

Best to you all!